About Us

About Us

Lissomsoft is a software product and services company focused on providing user friendly applications catering to small and medium enterprises (SMB). We understand that it can be difficult for SMBs to get applications and software of a good quality and at a price that suits their specific budgets. We strive to ensure that you can get the products and services that you need to help your enterprise work more efficiently and successfully.

The organization is driven by professionals with experience in the latest technology and with domain expertise. Lissomsoft has been focusing in emerging markets and has strong foot print in GCC Region, India and African countries. “

Our Vision, Our Mission, How Do We do, Our Focus

  • Our Vision

    At Lissomsoft, our vision is to become capable of helping out all kinds of enterprises in the fulfillment of their potential by developing viable solutions to their unique problems.

  • Our Mission

    Lissomsoft aims to provide cost-effective applications and software to small and medium sized organizations and enable them to reach the pinnacle of success.

  • Our Focus

    At Lissomsoft, our focus lies in the SMBs and enterprises in emerging markets. We hope to help them become a strong competitor in their chosen niches and regions.