Custom Development

Custom Development

Bespoke development solutions are tailor made to address specific business needs. Whether your company requires a solution that will lead to comprehensive data storage or automate a routine work flow, our bespoke development team can build you optimized solutions that are quick, cost effective, professional and efficient.

Our developers at Lissomsoft have extensive experience in a large number of business projects and technical expertise.


Advantages of Using Bespoke Software Solution

  • Custom Tailored-Fit

    Bespoke software is neither an off-shelf software nor hybrid software. We can deliver you custom software that works and brings returns just the way you want it.

  • Evolving Flexibility

    Bespoke software is developed in accordance to the specific requirements of a business. However, the best about such software is that the functionalities evolve along with the changing requirements.

  • Competitive Advantage

    You cannot gain a competitive edge if you are using the same software solution like any other business or rivals around. The Unique Value Proposition of using our software solutions is that apart from helping clients to execute work more efficiently, it also results in building a positive impact in terms of customer satisfaction levels.

  • No Third Party Tie-Ups

    Our bespoke development services do not include any third party vendor tie-ups. It reduces the risk of potential disappearance of any particular vendor.

Our Bespoke Development is a One-time Investment that Can Reap Many Rewards. Our tailor made application solutions are based on CB4UBM (See Before You Build Method) – a unique model that allows entrepreneurs and clients to visually see the final version of a software application before the development work proceeds further using Wire Frames and Mockups. It improves the overall quality standard of a particular project by helping to assess and brainstorm the technical feasibility and risk.


We build customized application software that follow strategic thinking, innovation technology and collaborative approach.