At Lissomsoft Technologies, we believe that businesses can benefit greatly from the implementation of information technology. Doing so can bring about the following.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Faster Workflows
  • More efficient processes
  • Cost reduction
  • Greater control
  • Advanced analytics
  • That is why we have developed solutions that can help organization in a wide variety of niches and markets. Over the years, we have refined and upgraded those solutions. They are now powerful tools that can immensely benefit an organization using them.

    The Solutions We Currently Offer Include

    Document Management System

    Keep track of all the key documents in your organization through a smart solution designed for easy but secure access. Multiple configuration options ensure all organizations benefit from it.


    Leverage the power of RFID technologies to monitor the movement of items and assets from the production line to delivery. Eliminate bottlenecks and speed up work flows.

    Operational Risk Management

    Create RSCAs and identify KRIs to bring operational risks under control. Maintain operational standards throughout your organization.

    Real Estate Management System

    Keep a track of the entire work processes of the organization from project management to financial management.

    Fixed Asset Management System

    Monitor the assets of the organization in real time. Eliminate misplacement and losses.

    Our solutions are designed to be useable by all organizations. Care has been taken to ensure security in all systems and solutions. No person can gain access to the system without prior authorization by you as you can implement user levels and access permissions for each level. At the same time, you can reduce redundant activities bringing about efficiency in work processes and elimination of unnecessary costs.

    Property Management System

    Barcode Based File Tracking System

    Scheduled Service Maintenance System

    Legal Management System