Barcode Based File Tracking System

Barcode Based File Tracking System

Know where all important documents are with a few clicks. Store your documents in the right place in the right manner.

Track Document can help your business to reduce the number of files lost and increase the speed of locating a file required for processing. It allows check in, check out of documents and will also enable work flow based document processing. Advantages of document tracking can be realized for organizations with lot of customer documentation tracking needs.

The application also allows enterprises to adhere to standards for file archival and enabled quick peek at the scanned content by just scanning the file or searching for it using the built in powerful search capabilities.

Some of the features of File Tracking System features are:

  • Track files and physical documents
  • Quick RFID /Barcode scan allows to browse scanned contents of file quickly
  • Allows check in check out by users
  • Keeps track of check out period and delays
  • Maintains audit trail of events on file
  • Allows maintaining status of file (In process, complete etc.)
  • Allows searching for file from group of file by handheld scanner