Lissomsoft ORM & Features

Lissomsoft ORM & Features

When it comes to Risk Management, there is no one-size that fits all. Every company – from a small company to a large companies, the requirements are different and unique and specific to operations.

Lissom Soft’s Operational Risk Management (ORM) helps your organisation to identify, assess and control risks. Our ORM Product is a comprehensive risk management tool – that starts from risk mapping of your company to test the controls, identify control weaknesses and helps you advise appropriate risk mitigation plans.

Salient features

  • Risk Profiling of the company that is customisable for every company according to their size, control requirements and risk appetite. Lissom Soft’s ORM is designed to meet the requirements of a Small, Medium Enterprises. At the same time, Lissom Soft’s ORM is also designed to meet the exhaustive risk environment of any company.
  • Customisable tests/ test programs are designed to test controls that are specific to the requirements of the company.
  • Documentation of all testing made available in the ORM can be easily retrieved from archives whenever needed.
  • Easy to generate and read Risk Assessment Reports with visual representation of risks and controls for every function such as Revenue Management, Procurement etc.
  • Generating and monitoring risk mitigation plans

Our ORM Solution Advantage

“Simple way to manage complicated risks review control environments using minimum human intervention, through easy questionnaires, continuous monitoring and improvement of control”

“Our Technical Risk Experts (TRE) will visit your office to discuss with your various stakeholders, identify risks and configure the ORM for you. Few of the ORM modules will be customized based on your business needs and will be made live. What our ORM brings you:

  • Implement an organization wide Risk Management System for bettercontrols.
  • As per Section 143 (3) (i) of the Act, your Auditor should submit a report, whether the company has adequate Internal Financial Control in place and the operating effectiveness of such controls.
  • This is achieved through our ORM, with modules such as Risk Control Matrix/Risk Register, Create Test Procedures, Comply those Test Procedures & upload evidences and generate Audit report.
  • This end to end Product helps you to comply with statutory requirement, which will otherwise, put the company’s Directors in trouble.
  • Avoid Reputation loss, Financial loss and legal issues.”