Property Management System

Property Management System

Manage your properties with ease with this system. Remain on top of the tenants and rent collection among other things.

Web based solution which helps the property owners to keep the records of their tenants, Add new property, vacant flat, rent collection, track their renewal etc. also helps to take care of the maintenance done for the each property / flat.

The software features include:

  • Tenancy Agreement and Details
  • Type of contract
  • Post Dated Rental Cheques Tracking
  • Alerts and reminders for Tenancy Renewal, Cheque Deposit, Unpaid Cheque Details.
  • Tenant profiling with attachment of Identification documents
  • Maintenance Report
  • Provision to create different masters like Individual, Corporate, Shops , Offices etc. with unlimited location masters
  • Dashboard to provide Vacant flats, Occupied flats and Flats under repair.
  • Common expenses for property, like electricity, water, lift, public area maintenance tracking
  • Periodic standard reports, like Vacant Flats, occupied Flats, Cheque Deposits, Unpaid Cheques etc.