Scheduled Service Maintenance System


Never forget the servicing date of your equipment. Stop downtime and other issues through timely maintenance.

Lissomsoft has developed a solution for maintaining the Facility Management Equipment like Air conditioners, Pumps, Electrical Installation, Fire Protection System, Building Management Systems etc. which needs regular services at different intervals.

The software helps to provide Standardized Maintenance Approach with almost zero down time of equipment and service, with reduced operations and maintenance costs.

This software documents all equipment deployed in various customer sites with the make and model numbers, and its health status and periodic maintenance and type of services done and future maintenance requirement in a bird’s eye view.

Some of the useful features and reports generated from this software include:

  • Checklist Master or each type of service & units
  • Prepare the schedule for each Type of service, Units and map the checklist
  • Generate yearly schedule
  • Generate Monthly schedule
  • Assign the job to user
  • Print the job cards
  • Mark the job completion
    Generate Pending / completed job reports
  • Yearly, monthly schedule report